Clarifying what matters most in these disruptive days is paramount for your business success! Your business will thrive and grow healthier when you make time to be informed by the enormous challenges experienced in your business, clarify what matters most and execute intentional, meaningful change…

Core functions such as the following will be explored:

  • Organizational health (communication processes, employee engagement,)
  • Systems/process (decision making, business continuity planning, meetings…)
  • HR (hiring, well being, benefits, staffing structure…)
  • Finance (budget allocation, forecasting, dashboard projections…)
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For the past three years, I’ve worked with Jeff VandenHoek on a variety of levels. From general business consulting to revamping organizational behavior and benefit through design. Jeff is a gifted business leader with broad experience across industries. Those experiences have led to deep solutions. Any organization will benefit greatly from Jeff’s leadership and insight.

Matt Watson / CEO + ECD Watson Creative
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I am an experiential facilitator, leader, coach, collaborator and presenter. Supporting people, organizations and their growth energizes me. I believe business is simply RELATIONSHIPS. Creating a foundation of TRUST through relationships drives all that I do, facilitate, lead and teach. Transparency and authenticity support my passion. Life is filled with Simplexity (simplicity complexity) in business and personal arenas. Along with DaVinci, I pursue the reality that “simplicity is the greatest sophistication.”

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