EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE are more than buzz words. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE impacts all that we are and all that we do. It is all too uncommon in business. It is said that 85% think we are self-aware (Eurich). It’s just the opposite. Only 15% of us are truly self-aware. Ouch! It’s a good thing we can grow our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Leading with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE requires great intention and focus. It requires a great level of self-awareness and other-awareness. Choosing to identify and work on your EQ gaps will significantly increase your leadership impact. Having a coach support you in your EQ discovery and growth process reaps great rewards.

GROW AS A LEADER (leadership coaching)

LEADERSHIP is influence and impact. Great LEADERSHIP involves serving, inspiring and casting a vivid vision. Work with a coach to increase your self-awareness, confidence, leadership influence and grow a healthier organization and team.

How does your LEADERSHIP influence show up today? What would your team say about your leadership? How would they describe it? What do you need to change? Leaders must clarify direction and vision. Clarity is kindness to the others you influence as well as yourself. Choose to be clear. Do the necessary work to listen better. Choose your time and actions with intentionality.

BUILD TEAM TRUST (team coaching & facilitation)

All aspects of business and organizational health are built on TRUST. It is the one thing that impacts everything. It is the great multiplier. Your team can grow it’s TRUST quotient regardless of where you are on the TRUST continuum. Where is your team at today? Your organization? How much do you TRUST your team? Yourself?

Trust is developed through authentic relationships, time, truth-filled communication, deep listening and clarity in all things. Everything rises and falls with trust. Trust is built through humble, vulnerable and courageous leadership.